Come and join us !
Limited time Xmas/Winter stationery group.
Beginning Dec. 1st thru Dec. 25th, 2016


With a "No Pressure" environment, anyone from anywhere in the world who enjoy creating stationeries are WELCOME to join. Let's celebrate this special season
together, and share your stationery creations with friends from all over the
world !

Here's how to join.

1.Go to Yahoo Group[christmas_mail_2016], and click on "+ Join Groupe".

Or send an e-mail to : moderator of this mailing list

2. You will receive an automated confirmation message.
Mail title:"Please confirm your request to join christmas_mail_2016"

3. Just confirm the message to join, and your subscription will begin.
Mail title:"Yahoo! Groups: Welcome to christmas_mail_2016 Visit today!"

How to post to the group.

You can post by simply sending your stationery creations to the following address:

* Some participants from Japan may prefer to post using their home language-Japanese. If your P.C. is not comparable to Japanese, not only text including a sender's name/subject line but some scripts using Japanese fonts may not be displayed correctly, as it meant to be.

* You can post any stationeries you would like, regardless of new or old creations.

* Distribution of postings is handled by YAHOO free service. As always, be sure to attach your "vcard" to prevent YAHOO advertisement from disturbing your stationery
creations when delivered to all participants.

*To those not familiar with the use of "vcard" for posting purpose.

There are several ways to do this, but here is one example:

If you already don't have your vcard made, you can click the link and download
here: vcard(christmas.vcf)

Save it to your desk top or any file you prefer.(Just remember where you saved. )

All you do is attach this christmas.vcf you just saved, each time before you send in the post to the group. As mentioned above, this method is used to prevent
YAHOO advertisement from disturbing your creations when delivered to participants.

Another way to send with the vcard is : Open Outlook Express, click Tools , Options and select the Mail Format tab . Enter a check on the MAIL option in the vcard section at the bottom, and select your own vcard from the list in the drop down box, click APPLY.
The vcard will then be attached to ALL outgoing e-mails you send now. (Note: This instruction may vary depending on your system.)

How to Un-subscribe.

Please send an e-mail to the following address, you will then be removed
from the group.

About using stationery that you received

All stationery received via Yahoo Group are strictly for personal enjoyment.DO NOT upload to any website without the creator's permission. Doing so is in violation of group rule; the website owner will be held responsible

All members joining this mailing list are requested to follow all laws and regulations
about copyrights for graphics, scripts, etc. Scripters' names should appear and not be erased from
a stationery sent to Christmas´┐Ż@and Winter's Mail.

It is a rule allowing members to participate in a respectful way, while enjoying the group.
We hope you will have a favorable view of our position in this matter.

Christmas time is so special yet we only have a short time to enjoy it, so why not join this once a year celebration and make the best of it !
We are looking forward to your participation and sharing of your beautiful stationery creations.

Christmas Stationery Group of 2016

You can make a link free until 25th December

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This page was translated by a member of Xmas/Winter Stationery Group